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Let us custom build you a new Planet SOS, Interrociter computer.  We can make it pretty much any way you want it.  I suppose we could even make it look this cool!

All our new computers come with updated virus and spyware protection and all include a year's warranty.  Prepare for Ludicrous speed!

Why would I buy a Planet SOS computer, rather than a big name brand?  Planet SOS guarantees its work.  First, we use only the most reliable parts.  Our computers are guaranteed for a year, so we don't want to put in junk we'd have to replace 12 months down the road.  We don't bundle in "junk programs", so your computer will be as clean, efficient, and as fast as possible right from the start.  We do bundle in the latest and most efficient Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programming possible for free.  (No kidding, it's really free and not added to the cost of your computer.)  Your computer will be custom built, so it has what you want, and not what you don't.  Best of all, we are what they call in the business, "a single throat to choke" in a "brick and mortar" business.  If your computer breaks down, you don't have to send it off to Silicon Valley for 6 months to be worked on by some geek you'll never meet, or rely on telephone tech support from some guy in Bangalore.  Bring it to us, vent your frustrations to a human face, and we'll fix it!