Internet Television




Most of the websites linked to require that you open an account.  Everything here is absolutely free but opening an account sometimes means making up a user-name and password, which can be pretty much anything.  (Read more below.)

YouTube  (No user-name or password required)

VaughnLive  (No user-name or password required)  Includes chat.

StreamUp  (Requires a user-name and password)  Includes chat.

IVLog  (Requires an Email address, user-name and password)  Includes chat.

Deep13  (No user-name or password required)  Includes chat.

Note that while all of these sites are open 24 hours a day, not all of the channels within them are.  Some channels, such as VaughnLive/Interociter, cast 24 hours a day from Friday morning to Sunday night.  Vaughnlive/Angieishere casts 24 hours a day from Tuesday morning to Wednesday night.  Some channels are rarely open while others never close.  You just have to find your way around.

YouTube has by far the most variety and the most choice but offers no chat. 

VaughnLive sometimes takes a few attempts to get in as it often displays a "Servers are busy" screen.  Just keep refreshing till it opens.  Finding a favorite channel can be difficult as there are so many and they're not well organized, so when you do find a favorite, "bookmark" it in your browser's favorites.  VaughnLive recognizes your computer so you don't have to keep logging in.  Some of the better channels are, Interociter, Angieishere, Retrovision, and CherryMalotte.

IVLog is probably the most tedious to get into, requiring an Email address to which they send a "confirmation link" you have to click on to get in.  It's probably the newest site and doesn't have a lot of channels yet but it's worth a look.

Being able to chat with fellow viewers is a huge advance over the more lonely and passive television experience.  Rude chatters may end up banned from a channel.  If you prefer not to read the chat posts, you can usually "full screen" the channel and you won't see any of it.

Happy viewing/chatting!