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The new technology I just had to laugh about.  The most immediate news of course, is that Planet has completed its relocation.  That is to say, Planet has completely relocated, although the relocation itself is not quite complete.  If this sounds confusing or contradictory, it's that Planet is indeed, at a new location, but the location itself is not completed.

We're still waiting on a new building, but that should be ready by the end of May, with a healthy emphasis on the "should".  In the meantime, Planet is open for business, right next to where the new building will be set up.

As it's taken some time and effort to get my own office established, there hasn't been an update to our website for almost a month.  I'm still moving books in, (I have a private library that any librarian might be proud of.) but I have got a treadmill set up to ensure that I don't get any more sedentary than I already am, sitting here staring at this computer.

While Planet's relocation is indeed news, I've also been sitting on a bit of tech news that I've been itching to get online for a couple of weeks now, and it's hard to suppress a grin as I type it up.

Most of us have by now heard of the "Internet Of Things".  A staggering, and sometimes ridiculous number of things in our homes and even our cars, are or at least could be, connected to the internet.  Many of the functions in our cars, including steering, mileage, windshield wipers, heaters and air conditioners, radio, brakes and even acceleration can be connected to the internet and I'm sorry, but that's just an insane idea that can only lead to more harm than good.

In our homes, our lighting, heating and air conditioning, televisions, cell-phones, refrigerators, blenders, microwaves, toasters, security cameras, electric blankets, stoves and ovens and stereo systems are, or can be connected to the internet.  (Not to mention of course, our computers.)  I can't see anywhere near as much benefit coming from these connections as I can a danger of hackers getting into the system and wreaking endless havoc before we even find out about it.

As I've often considered the things in our home that are or could be connected to the internet, I must confess that one of the most obvious things that escaped my attention was of course, diapers.  Can you believe I overlooked diapers?

That's right.  Diapers can now be listed as being a part of the "internet of things".  There are now, diapers that can be connected to the internet to notify your cell-phone that your baby, (or whoever else in your household) may need changing.

Well OK, I could see a value in this.  No more guessing when that diaper may need changed.  You'll know.  Even if you happen to be across town, you could call your babysitter and say, "Hey, just thought I'd let you know the baby needs changed."  And you'll know whether or not they do it.

Now, I honestly don't have a mind for crime like a lot of people out there do, and it's hard for me to conceive of how in the world a hacker can take any serious advantage of an internet connected diaper, assuming the diaper's location can't be tracked, except, that while it may not be much of a criminal act, I suppose a hacker with a particularly wicked sense of humor, just might be inclined to make these internet connected diapers notify your cell-phone that they need to be changed every 10 minutes or so.

OK, I have to admit, there might be certain instances where I might find that absolutely hilarious.  John


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