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Will a drive-in fit in my house?  The era of the "drive-in" is pretty much over, although there are still a few sprinkled around, including 2 in Kansas City alone, which can brag 2 screens at one and 4 screens at the other.  The drive-in is an enormously fun experience, one that all too few people enjoy today.

I'm old enough to remember going to the drive-in many times.  All gravel, there were rows of humps.  You drove he font wheels of your car onto the humps, which pointed your car up to see the gigantic white screen, onto which movies, which featured giant bugs and space aliens, were projected.

You parked next to a pole that had speakers hanging on them, and hung the speakers on the driver's side window of your car.  Countless people forgot to remove the speakers when they left, occasionally breaking car windows but usually just ripping the wires out of the speaker, despite the huge warnings posted on the drive-in screen to remove the speakers before you left.  Today's drive-ins, what few there are, tell you what channel to tune your FM radio to and the movie comes over the car radio, much more clearly than the cheap old speakers they used to use.

It's pretty rare that I have the time or the money to drive all the way to Kansas City to see a drive-in movie, and rare enough that they have any movies I'd really want to see.  (The last movie I saw there was "Grownups" in 2009.)  I still relish the experience and the memories though and my 48 inch television almost helps me relive it.  I sometimes think it would make it even more realistic if I'd turn out the lights, pop a bag of popcorn and prop a steering wheel up on the coffee table.

Over time, televisions have gotten increasingly larger and I've long wondered where it would stop.  Predictions are that we'll have entire walls that are nothing but interacting computer monitors, which always makes me wonder where I'll hang my pictures or park the easy-chair.

Thanks to Suwon South Korea based Samsung, we're coming within inches of covering my wall right now.  Samsung is coming out with a monstrous 146 inch, (That's 12 feet 2 inches) television screen.

Called "The Wall", the television itself is revolutionary for more than its monstrous size.  It uses a new micro LED display, much tinier than the current LEDs, which are already so tiny they're barely visible.  This means even sharper pictures and promises even deeper colors.

It uses neither LCDs, (Liquid Crystal Diodes) nor the standard OLEDs, (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).  Instead, it uses a compound based on the element Gallium for its LEDs.  Gallium LEDs are supposed to react more quickly than OLEDs, are much brighter, and should last longer.

"The Wall" isn't Samsung's first shot at making a giant television.  2 years ago, they built a 170 inch, (over 14 feet!) television.  The 14 footer didn't have the Gallium LEDs, and there was one other major difference.  Samsung built their 14 foot television, mainly to show that they could.  They're building the 12 foot "Wall", to sell.

My first thought was, that's never going to fit in my car, even though my car is essentially a van, and even if I borrowed a pick-up truck, the thing would stick out the back and require a red flag on it.  Somebody would have to deliver these things.

As I read more about it, I found that these things are modular.  That is, they come in sections that simply fit together, and it doesn't have to be over 12 feet wide, which means it wouldn't have to be sticking out 2 inches over my kitchen doorway, and it would probably fit in my car after all.  How big the modules are, and whether there would be annoying crevices between them, I couldn't say.

I never thought I'd have a 4 foot television, but I do.  And I don't believe I'll ever have a 12 footer...but I might.  If I ever do, I'll have to get rid of some furniture, and just to make the drive-in experience complete, I'll set up a dashboard and steering wheel, roast a hot dog, and pop a bag of heavily buttered popcorn...with too much salt.  John

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