John Stevenson

Beyond The Moon  


John started his own chess page but got a little lazy about keeping it up.  He figured that re-working it 330 times was enough.  The archives are here.
  Chess  (On February 22, 2016, I've made some minor changes.)

John's favorite charity: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
A favorite website:  Petloss 
Finding a lost pet:  Lost 
John's favorite girls:  Girls  
In concert:  YouTube  


Sexual harassment is legally defined as "any unwanted sexual advance".  Geez, that's every sexual advance I ever make!

"The muffin top, is the best part of the muffin."  John

Most commonly asked question:  Do you suck on that thing or blow into it?  (Presumably asking about how I make the guitar talk.)

John has done radio and television commercials, tons of live radio work, studio recording, toured with Godspell, played for the Western Illinois University theater department and the Illinois State Theater Association, worked at the Body Politic in Chicago, and spent so much time on road tours that he's officially sick of cottage cheese ceilings, and is an expert on bad motel artwork.  He wrote a science book, is a computer tech, and is an avid chess player, although he freely admits that he sucks at all of it.